I am Tphyrone [thy-fron], a name given to me by my grandmother.
I don't claim that I know all there is to know about the metaphysical and spiritual world. I only stake claim to what I feel within, what I see in my mind's eye, and what the universe tells me in dreams and in attunement.

I've always had the desire to learn, teach, and be prosperous but never had a clear view about my purpose.

Along this journey of my life, I've made many mistakes. But from those mistakes, I subconsciously studied them. In the conscious state, I wanted to know the purpose of accepting those harmful desires, which evolved into those unconscious mistakes.

reiki healing

In the summer of July 8, 2000. A significant experience changed the perspective of my existence. The only words to describe what I experienced is I went into a state of transfer. I visited a beautiful realm of a higher vibration and frequency.

During this higher vibrational visitation, the words were spoken to me about my purpose. My purpose is to teach, help, and listen to those who need my guidance. I create and share my art to temporally ease the suffering people are going through in the moment.  

I bring nothing new to this existence that you already don't know. I am only the facilitator and the vessel guiding you to lifting the veil to the purest energy of love.

The universal life force in me is also in you.