My will is one with the universal will, the energy that upholds the world, by this will, all things are created: therefore, I use it to get rid of Demonic and wicked conditions. I deplore and replace them with health, beauty, constructive ideas, intelligence, imagination wisdoms, love, understanding, prosperity, money, and unlimited achievement.

I use my will to these ends for the educated and active will. All things healthful and glorious are possible. I always remember that my will is backed by the universal will, that reservoir of inexhaustible energy.

My will is strong and positive. Negative conditions fall away from my mind. My desires, my knowledge, my attitude, my mind are all positive. I make a positive impression on all who come into my consciousness and vibration and who I talk to. All my thinking, acting and feelings are all positive. I will not permit negative conditions to come into my life.

A writing by my grandmother.

Her name is Grace.




Automatic writings by Tphyrone

I peer into the darkness to seek out a speck of light
It shines bright but has a shadow that cast evil thoughts

The third eye of chakra is closed. Open her now. Reach deep inside her pull it away cast all light upon thee

Mind to feel what is inside. A gate of everlasting thoughts of the grayle. Can you drink of the thoughts?
Can you direct the energy of thought, do you want to exist?

You love the inner peace of reality. Help me to understand the existence of self. Help me understand the existence of life above minds eye. Open ones

To be free is to let go of the spirit that is holding you
Take a hold of my mind and embrace what you have felt for eternity

Take my hand and guide me through the light of the moon


Spoken words for the one who Wills to understand

They speak to me in whispers when I am in the state of higher vibrations. The cord is still attached and will not let me sever it until ALL is told. Images of imaginations come to light.

I will NOT speak of Deities that project the light of false aspirations of being, but only of they whom project the light of pure existence of substance.

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